Get to know us

Why we built BackEngine?

As a team we've worked together across multiple companies. The commonality has been our obsessesion with our customers. There is nothing we love to do more than build for our customers.

But we never had the tools we needed. We craved being on more calls, more emails, more tickets. But we were constrained by our tools.

We started BackEngine to make it easier for teams to get as close to the customer as possible by building the tools we wish we had.

People and culture

Our people & culture are the cornerstone of our success. We are a team of supportive, ambitious, and low-ego individuals, deeply committed to creating something remarkable. Our ethos revolves around three core tenets we are committed to: delivering to a very high standard, acting as owners, and prioritizing speed.

Wendell Hicken


Rayna Roumie


Eli Portnoy


Marek Rehora


Ramiro Comesaña