Operationalize Your Customer-Obsession

Unlock a data-driven understanding of what your customers need and want and free the Customer Success team from the burden of being the de-facto customer feedback loop

What is BackEngine?

BackEngine analyzes all customer calls, emails, and slack messages and empowers you with data-driven tools to know precisely what your customer base (and each specific customer) needs and wants.

Spot the trends

See the themes and issues that your customers are talking to your team about so you can identify what is working, what's trending, and what needs fixing.

Query what customers say

Instantly find and quantify what your customers are saying on any topic. From product praise, to support delays, to what they think about a competitor.

Ramp up on any customer

Get instant access to a dynamic and up-to-date executive summary on every customer. Empower everyone on the team -- from the CEO to the QBR team to a new employee -- to get up to speed fast.

Security & Privacy Matter


Data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. We generate a unique key for each one of the customers we monitor for you to maximize isolation. At any time, you can revoke our encryption key, rendering all associated data unusable.


Production data is entirely isolated from any other environments. Our employees do not have access to customer data unless you explicitly grant us permissions. We only monitor interactions with the customers that you request.


Our commitment to protecting your data is unwavering. We are currently undergoing the observation period for SOC 2 Type 2 certification.

How It Works

Connect your video call, email, and messaging provider in less than 15 minutes. Our product will securely work in the background. No updates, notes, or work is needed from your team. Our product handles everything automatically.

white and black letter t-print
white and black letter t-print

Start the transformation!

There's no better time to operationalize your customer-obsession.