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BackEngine Zoom Integration

The BackEngine Zoom integration allows customers to ingest Zoom transcripts into their BackEngine organization in order to analyze conversations happening with their customers over Zoom, surfacing key insights. BackEngine assigns conversations to customer accounts and provides a view of key topics, wins, trends and issues to action.

Getting Started

Before getting started with the integration we recommend you adjust your settings for Zoom and any other recording tools in use as follows:

  • If you use any recording tools such as Gong, Grain or others, please ensure the settings are adjusted so that they do not delete Zoom recordings from your Zoom account.

  • In Zoom, you may want to optionally adjust the admin settings for how frequently recordings are deleted from your account to preserve space.

  • In Zoom, please update your account settings to auto-record and ensure VTT files (transcript files) are generated. You can access this setting in the Zoom Admin panel as follows: Account Management > Account Settings > Recording Tab

Integrating Zoom with your BackEngine Organization

To integrate your BackEngine organization with Zoom, you'll need to be a Zoom administrator. Once your company has an agreement in place with BackEngine and an organization setup, the Zoom administrator will receive an email invitation to join as a user. The administrator will need to click the link in the email to verify their BackEngine user account. Once that's done, a new Zoom service will be created in your BackEngine organization. While the service is an account-level Zoom integration, BackEngine offers the option to restrict access to Zoom accounts for only those users who are registered in BackEngine.

The Zoom administrator will then receive an email with a Zoom authorization URL. Once they've executed the URL, they will establish the connection.

Disconnecting the BackEngine Zoom Integration

If a administrator would like to remove the BackEngine Zoom integration, email We will delete the Zoom service from your BackEngine organization. This will ensure that no Zoom transcripts are ingested into your BackEngine account going forward, but any previous data ingested from Zoom will remain in your account. If you'd like to delete Zoom transcript history in your account, please specify that in your support request.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you find that Zoom transcripts are not being routed to the expected account, please see the following common issues:

  1. An incorrect or incomplete list of customer domains was configured into your BackEngine account. BackEngine uses domains (e.g. to identify your customers and route data to accounts. This issue is easy to resolve by simply correcting the domain(s) associated with each customer account in your BackEngine organization.

  2. Customer meeting attendees did not login to Zoom with their account. Limited information is available on participants who do not log into Zoom. Please contact your BackEngine representative to discuss the calendar integration to match meeting invitees to customer accounts. Additionally, you can optionally add full names of customer contacts to accounts to route any transcripts with those contacts to the appropriate account.

BackEngine Features

The following is an overview of the functionality associated with key BackEngine features. Please note that features are being constantly enhanced. Should you have questions about the latest functionality, please contact your BackEngine representative.

My Accounts Dashboard

BackEngine users will see the My Accounts dashboard upon login. From here they can get a high level view of all of their customer accounts, recent topics and wins and issues. They can search for an account of interest or choose to drill into a specific account for more details. See detail on specific features on this screen:

  • Recent Topics: Topics are generated by analyzing communication that took place over emails and meetings to give you a quick, synthesized view of the key concerns related to a specific customer account. Topics are helpful for getting up to speed on an account quickly or recalling the latest interactions. Here you can see the most recent topics.

  • Win or Issue count: This is a total count of wins or issues for the customer account.

Account Overview

BackEngine users who click on a specific account from the My Accounts dashboard will be taken to the Account Overview screen. Here they can access account data by time period. User can select the desired time period from the drop down to view data from that time period. Once the selection is made, users will see the following for an account:

  • Topics: Topics are generated by analyzing communication that took place over emails and meetings to give you a quick, synthesized view of the key concerns related to a specific customer account. Topics are helpful for getting up to speed on an account quickly or recalling the latest interactions.

  • Wins: These are positive interactions or accomplishments on a customer account. Wins are helpful for assessing account sentiment and whether it's an appropriate time to discuss expansion opportunities.

  • Issues: These are stumbling points or negative interactions on a customer account. Issues are helpful for understanding areas where additional action may be needed to improve the account sentiment and ultimately retain and grow the account.

  • Win or Issue Sources: By clicking on the Source for any win or issue you are able to see the original communication, either an email or meeting transcript, where it arose. Sources provided added context for the win or issue.


For each account, you're able to click the contacts button to view individuals on both your team and the customer team who have participated in communications with this account. Contacts enable you to view the stakeholders your team is engaging with on the customer side in order to optimally manage the relationship.

Contact Support

If you have any questions that have not been answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Our support team operates on US Pacific Time from 8 am until 5 pm. We will respond to your message within one business day or less.