Introducing BackEngine's newest feature: Groups

The BackEngine team is beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our new Groups feature, crafted to elevate your understanding of customers and enhance strategic planning.

6/24/20241 min read

The BackEngine team just launched our new Groups feature, which enables the creation of groupings of customers!

With this new feature, you can create groups by:

  • Type (e.g. Enterprise, Mid-Market, and SMB)

  • Owner (e.g. John's Accounts, Mary's Accounts, and pooled accounts)

  • Stage & Status (onboarding, high risk, upcoming renewal, high priority)

These are just a few examples, you can create groups in whatever ways make the most sense for your business!

Now it's a breeze to set filters or to subscribe to alerts for the accounts you care about. Here are some ways we’ve been using the Groups feature and how we think you might find it beneficial:

  • Subscribe to get alerts anytime there is an issue with any enterprise account

  • Quickly check to see if there is any feedback with customers going through the onboarding process

  • Take a peek at a CSM's accounts before a 1:1 to quickly ramp up.

  • Identify commonalities between recently churned customers

With this new functionality, you can more easily identify commonalities and patterns within your groups to better understand customer needs. Use these insights to create focused strategies, improve retention, and drive customer success!

To get started, simply email our team with:

  • A list of customers you’d like grouped together

  • The names of the groups

  • You can always update your groups by sending us a Slack or an email

    You can also schedule a quick call with our team by clicking here and we'll show you this and all the other features we've been rolling out like subscriptions!

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