Introducing BackEngine's New Subscription Feature: Tailored Alerts to Maximize Value for your Customers

The BackEngine team is thrilled to announce the launch of our new Subscription Feature. It allows you to receive customizable alerts at a cadence of your choice, keeping you informed about critical things your customers say based on your specific needs.

6/17/20242 min read

Hi BackEngine Community,

Our team is thrilled to introduce our brand-new Subscription Feature! Have you ever imagined having a personalized news feed that you keeps you updated on everything you need to know about your customers at exactly the right time? That’s exactly what our new subscription feature does! It allows you to receive customizable alerts at a cadence of your choice, keeping you informed about critical things your customers say based on your specific needs.

Customize Your Subscriptions

Whether you’re a customer success leader, a sales manager, or a product guru, this feature is easy to tailor just for you. Here are a few examples of how different roles can use our subscription feature with daily, weekly, or monthly alerts:

Customer Success Leaders

  • Spot up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to drive revenue growth

  • Stay on top of any customer escalations to ensure timely interventions

  • Monitor renewal intent and churn indicators to proactively retain customers

Sales Managers

  • Identify potential leads and sales opportunities

  • Get alerted to any major customer issues that might impact sales

  • Review customer satisfaction trends to refine sales strategies

Product Managers

  • Receive insights on how customers are using new features and what they think of them

  • Get notified about any recurring issues reported by users

  • Understand which features are most popular and plan future updates accordingly

Tackle Your Pain Points

Staying on top of customer needs can be challenging. Here’s how our subscription feature addresses key pain points:

  • Direct Access to Customer Needs: No more sifting through endless data—get the insights you need when you need them

  • Never Miss a Critical Customer Touch Point: Stay ahead of potential issues with daily, weekly, and monthly alerts

  • Alignment Across Teams: Ensure everyone from front-line teams to the C-suite is on the same page with a unified, data-driven view

A Word from Our CEO: “Our mission at BackEngine is to maximize customer retention and expansion by ensuring every part of the company is aligned with and proactively driving towards customer needs. This new subscription feature is designed to push the things that matter directly to the person who needs to act on them. NRR is a team sport and this is another feature to help the entire team engage on the things that drive expansion and renewal.”

Get Started Today:

To get started, login to BackEngine and

  1. Go to the feed page, click “Type” near the top of the page and select the categories you want to be alerted about

  2. Next, hit the “Save” button near the top right of your screen

  3. Select a name for your filter, e.g., Customer Escalations

  4. Select the frequency that you’d like to be updated on this issue

  5. Click save

  6. Repeat for any other type of alert you’re interested in receiving!

Note: You can edit your subscriptions at any time by going to the Feed Page and hovering over your subscriptions and filters on the right side of the screen and clicking edit!

If you’re interested in this new feature and aren’t a BackEngine customer yet, book a demo with our team today to learn more.

We can’t wait to hear your feedback! Let us know how this new feature is making a difference in your workflow and share your success stories with us. You might just inspire others in the community!